Italy earthquake..Marche where David Lives

hi David, I have had just now news from tv that a new strong eartquake hit the place where you live. Hoping that could finish very soon, I wish for you and your family and all people there to find courage and strength to go ahead.

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Ciao Rodolfo. Thank you for your message. We are all fine thank you, but there has been damage to the buildings where we live, and my offices in town are closed until they have been inspected.

Siamo i fortunati … c’era un sacco di danni, è stato spaventoso! Grazie per il messaggio.

My best wishes David for you and family to stay safe.

it is great David we hear you all are ok … be safe

Hi David, glad to hear you and your family are ok! after the first one it often takes a second tremor for the tectonic plates to ‘settle’ again. Wish all will be fine and at peace soon, take care.

P.S. with ‘first one’ I mean the one a couple of months ago…

Sad to hear there was new earthquake. Maybe you should build a new house for your family. Old buildings in Italy are beautiful, but can be unsafe.
On our tv they said it is because of melting ice and more water in oceans which affect earth crust. - more of them are likely to come.

Hope your family and friends are all good.


Hi everyone. Thank you for all your messages here and by email. Our offices have been declared safe and so I am back at work! Just had to pick up the paintings and posters that were shaken off the walls, and try not to notice the sagging floor! (At least I think it is sagging … the local guardia who inspected the building just shrugged and said what else do you expect from a 600 year-od building?)