It's a hello from me

Evening all,

Thanks for the invitation to the forum David…looking forward to getting to know everyone, as well as learning what I can & sharing what little I know.

Based in the UK, I currently run three small businesses to do with property development & design. Balancing this with family life is challenging & can become all consuming, so the trading & analysis tends to suffer more than I would like. I’d love to trade full time…maybe one day…

Came across Hurst around 10yrs ago whilst finding my way in the trading world & experimenting with other trading strategies/systems. Immediately fell in love with his work & way of thinking. Even managed to find a copy of his ’CycliTec Services Training Course’ including the audio tapes & have never looked back since. Paper charts, pencils, rubbers, rulers etc have now all given way to ST (well, nearly!!)

Hoping this forum & the Hurst Trading room (didn’t realise it had started again, so have a few to catch up!) will give me the extra motivation I need, to free up some precious time & start trading on a more regular basis. Watch this space…

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Hi @chris_bullerwell thanks for joining us. I know all about trying to find time to fit in the trading … one of the big ironies of creating ST was that I spent so much time on the coding and the business that I all but stopped trading for a while. But the trading bug had bitten … and now I spend most of my time trading, which is the way it should be. Trading is so much fun that I think you’ll find it will work its way into your busy schedule.