J.H. Hurst Cycles Course Online Reading (free)

A big thanks to LexLuthor for posting this amazing link to the J.M.Hurst Cycles Course. I am still exploring this link. It shows all the course lessons 1 - 10 (the three binders of material).


I have pinned it to the top of the Analysis Forum for now.:tada:

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This has been around as a PDF for a while, certainly I have had it for a fair bit. Its a long old read but fascinating!

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I had searched everywhere from Amazon to Ebay. Then I found the free PDF deep into a Google search a while back. Despite its quirks, it is 1,500 pages of market enlightenment. Studying it also gave me a new appreciation for what David has accomplished with the Sentient Trader software.

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That is the thing. There is nothing remotely out there like Sentient Trader. I have been working with it from the days David Hickson invited people to become part of a test group. Iā€™m trying to remember, but I think it was 2009 - 2010. Memory fails me on the timing.


That link appears to have been removed, sadly, maybe this one works?