Just a quick Hello, from Bothell Wa

Hello Everyone,
Am new to Sentient Trader, but have been a Hurst Cycle fan for many years.
Have read Christopher Grafton’s book.
Looking forward to getting a handle on the software and refining my trading.

Thanks, Cliff

Hey Cliff, have been using ST for a couple of months and it’s a fine software. Not an experienced cycle trader by any means but cycles theory by hurst and in general, attracts me like no other. I feel there’s something here that would be invaluable once I get it down. It’s a long road ahead!

Greetings from India

Hi, just wanted to say hello. I am here in Olympia… any projections on the spx yet ?


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Hi Cliff , I do very many forms of trading , I’m spread thin with many forms and concepts. I had demo of this software . I do miss it. the scope of the concept can leave you shock . I have the Murrey Math software, since 2008 , most of the years I could not receive the yearly updates , many years later I’m back up and running and using it everyday.


Good afternoon, Wharton 1986,

first of all , forgive me for not responding sooner. Life has been a little crazy lately, and ALL of this is new Sentient Trader, Forum, Hurst Signals, etc…
Even though I have been a Hurst methodology user for a long time and read Graftons book, there is alot to learn.

as for the spx? I see the coming decline coming in late summer early fall, thru my own analysis, which S.Trader projected/seems to confirm. With this economy, I don’t see how it can go up.

What is your take?
What do you trade?
Have a good one!