Just for Fun - When Will GE Bottom?

Any guesses? I’m sure there are many around the world looking at GE and wondering when may be a good time to start accumulating. I have some cycles work saying around now could be a good time for a trough, but then what about with the general market top coming up?

Just thought it could be a fun exercise if anyone wants to participate.



Yes! Been wondering myself a bit.

There is a great deal of IV already in the options listed, so buy deep ITM (.90 Delta) calls.


Hi All,

‘Slightly’ off topic but relating to GE. I prepared a phasing analysis using sentient trader and have noted that to March 2017 the principal of synchronicty were evident and more importantaly post March 2017 troughs of larger magnitude did not neccessarily have the lower degree cycles also making their lows.

I’ve included the two charts and look forward to comments.