Latest analysis from David

Hello everybody,
I’m new with the sentienttrader-software and try to understand everything.
I managed to load data from ninjatrader, build some charts and performed the default-analysis for the S&P500. So far so good.
Now I try to rebuild the custom analysis what David have in his latest webinar. I try to do this for training to influence the default-analysis and of course to have the best possible model.

Any tips how to do this?
Thanks for any help!
Best Karl

Hey Karl im Derek on here since 2010, i think. How are you? Basically you want to go to create an expert model. This is very easy, and the instructions are definitely on YouTube at the least. I would walk you through it if you need that, just add me as a facebook friend at

Good morning Derek! Thanks a lot for your quick replay!
Yes, I already did a custom model. Then I tried to do a expert model … but under the analysis menu I cannot find the option “expert model”. Is it perhaps because I have only the trial-version of the software?
Under “tools” I cannot find the option ‘Show advanced features’ neither (Tools> Options> General tab)
… any ideas?