Matrix Analyzer doesn't generate any trading history

Good day!

I’ve got the trial version of ST EOD v4.0.1.8.

Using this article as manual I would like to do some backtests.

My feed data is 1D of EUR\USD from MT4, so no tick data is available to ST.

Trade setting are attached to this message.

So, the problem is that Matrix Analyzer doesn’t generate any trading history in the log after in finishes parsing the chart.

Also, I cannot find a way to switch between Sentient Trading Method and Hurst’s Trading Method.

Is it possible to make Matrix Analyzer work in my version of ST?

Thanks in advance.

Hello I dont remember if you can see the “methodology” selection in Options>tradingdefaults without trader version.

Good day. AFAIK my trial version is a “Trader” one, but I can be wrong.

Hi there!

You should have received an email from me on this subject this morning. I thought I’d just provide the most common solution to this issue here, as it could be useful to other users.

The most important thing to check if the Matrix Analyzer isn’t taking any trades is to go to Trade Opportunities and click on Selected Sentient Levels . Then go back to that same menu, hover over Selected Sentient Levels and from the submenu make sure you click on and select Auto-Select . If Auto-Select isn’t on then the Matrix Analyzer won’t take a any trades.

You can also use the Matrix Analyzer with the Hurst Methodology (however we don’t really recommend doing so…): under Trade Opportunities (as above), select All Hurst Levels . In order to automate it you need to tell ST to select the level automatically. To do this also select the option Auto-Select Trading Cycle from the All Hurst Levels submenu (which should really be something that one does on a trade-per-trade basis, but we enabled this for simple testing purposes). As a matter of interest, if you do decide to use the Hurst methodology for the back test you might want to consider checking the setting under Tools> Options> Click-To-Trade tab Generate Hurst levels with NEUTRAL underlying trend . Most traders wouldn’t do that normally, but if you don’t then the analyzer is going to take very few trades.

If this solution doesn’t work then you’ll want to check out your Trading Journal. That should tell you why no trades are being taken. It will usually be an issue with the risk, leverage and equity meaning that no trades are being considered worthwhile. See what the journal tells you and, as always, if in doubt contact us at support!

Happy backtesting!

Im facing an issue with not being able to get the history of the chart to trade for matrix analysis!: