MT4 data feed affect analysis or not?

Can anybody explain, does data source in MT4 influence hurst cycles outcome?
i mean there forex brokerages with slightly different data, is it serious problem?

Not really no, only issue that can crop up is some erroneous data that might cause a particular candle to look extreme. Usually an email to the broker can fix it.

what about data length, based on methodology it is crucial to have as long data as it can be,
or MT4 using data that stored somewhere on cloud server ?

Depends on what cycle you are trading I would guess. If you are trading intraday you might only need a day or two of 5 min candles etc…


Still want to receive respond from developers or technical staff, i suppose there should be some kind API with server to sync data between different brokers
forex market have long cycles from 1971, but brokers usually gives data from around >2000,
this can be misleading for proper analysis.

How exactly? It depends on the timeframe of your analysis. Clearly if you wish to analyse the longer term cycles greater than the 18 year nominal cycle, data further back from 2000 will be an advantage to establish a dataset that is credible. In this case the variance amongst brokers or other providers of data will have a miniscule effect on a phasing analysis at this degree. Probably less than the percentage of non-periodic data in the set itself…

i see, 18 years of data is more than enough for analysis, thanks.