Nasdaq 100 cyclic outlook

Nasdaq 100 since the Covid lows showing the 24-28w and 6-7w dominant waves.

11d wave and VTL are lime green. We will soon be heading down into the 6-7w low at the end of April. It will likely be a higher low since the underlying trend of the 24-28w wave is up.

6-7w FLD

11d, 6-7w, and 24-28w wave envelopes. A cross of the 6-7w FLD (previous chart) will take us down to the intersection of the 11d and 6-7w lower envelopes.

Longer term, I am expecting a lower high of the 24-28w wave in late May/early June and lower low in late August/early September. This is likely because the 4 year wave (not shown) has peaked.

This nominal model was derived using Hurst’s Lanczos Fourier series. Sentient Trader is not perfect but it gets you very close if you spend the time finding the correct underlying spectral signature. Several of these dominant waves and their combinations have been backtested for their profitability.

BTW, the less time you think about the long waves the better off you are. Look at page 205 of Hurst’s book. The magic is in the waves 10w and under.

@curt Thank you for your analysis. When you mention page 205, are you referring to ’ The Profit Magic Of Stock Transaction Timing’? Not his cyclic course correct?

Yes, p. 205 of PM is what I was referring to. Compounding profits with leverage in the short waves is where the money is made.

@curt Thank you for sharing your analysis! Would you be interested in being featured in our Curated Analysis blog that we host on our website?