One:One Coaching on Hurst Cycle


I am new to Cycles and eager to find cycles in few selected set of markets which are of our interest.

I am looking for a 1:1 mentorship from an expert on this subject from the forum.

If any of you may be kind enough to work on an agreed model can share views or write to me on

Objective of proposed sessions are proposed to be

  1. Build efficiency to decode clear message being conveyed by Hurst Cycle,
  2. Put all pieces of puzzle into decision making process,

Steps covered by me

  1. I have gone through Cyclitec Training material one time, propose to go through couple of more times to get a better grip,
  2. Gained average understanding on FLD’s and VTL’s through David’s videos,
  3. Have basic idea on Phasing Analysis and a lot of work is to be done,
  4. Decision Making using cycles: - Have very poor efficiency on this.

So, we will have to work on numerous case studies/ charts to have a better grip on the subject to roll out learning into the decision making.

I look forward to hear from you.