Please help me to read the signal correctly

Hi, i just subscribed to Hurst signals and i got the email.


CONSIDER C category: LONG Entry: 7423.65 (Median price 3/22/2019)
Stoploss: 7261.15 (Low price 3/25/2019)
T1: 7504.90; T2: 7586.15; Underlying Trend: +1

Can anyone please explain the signal


Hi there Yunus! Welcome to the Hurst Cycles Forum. My name is Sam Medwin, I provide support for Hurst Signals via our support portal over at

You’ll find the answer to your question in our Hurst Signals course which you were granted access to when you subscribed. You can find the course here:

If you have any difficulty accessing the course or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch through the portal or by sending us an email at

I hope you enjoy the course!