Potential 10 week and 20 week lows

I have this last week as the 10 week low from an 80 week low in August (SPX). If I am correct that the secular bull of the last 8 years is nearly over, we should see a classic Hurst ‘double hump’ pattern, with no right translation; i.e., a marginal rally this week and a decline into the 20 week low due in January.

If rally extends past this week at all, the 20 week will be right translated, and it’s back to the cycle drawing board for me.

Hindenburg Omen: More clustered signals in last two weeks on BOTH the NAZ and INDU than in any other time this year; all previous signals had follow through. This signal has had excellent confirmation this year.

Best regards to the board.


Do you have charts to show?

Nothing worth showing, i.e., with fld’s, or vlt’s. Just the 4.5 year lows marked @ October of 201l and February of 2016, the recent 80 week @ August 21, and this past week as the 10 week low.

Because of the 2008/9 low, the hitch for me continues to be the 9 year low. If it bottomed in 2016, we may still go up until late spring/summer of next year. However, vis-à-vis this scenario (bottoming in 2016), if the situation is as bearish as I think it is, the result may be a flat line cycle straddle next year, I.e., range bound.