Quant Cycles Shortterm


I heard some users here do use Quant Cycles and I was watching the Videos on their Homepage.
I would be interested in the short term (live) option to use it on Forex spot, Gold and Indices (snp).

Can u guys share some thoughts how u use this indicator and how well it works? What timeframes u use, what instruments, standalone or in combination with a setup?

Would you be able to share some print screens please?

I liked the Video of 15 mins snp on their Homepage where they were simulating trading. Ideally you would select a few timeframes, say 15 mins, 60 mins and 240 mins and simulate trading on charts to pick Signals and trade discretionary or would u suggest to trade the Signals automated (as they preview in their Video)? I understand u can pick the time they show on chart where a bullish or bearish cycle is due to start or u can trade when market hits the upper or lower bands?

Would be great if you share your thoughts and if u find it worthwile to use?

Im Looking to use something with cyclical Analysis on top of my setup. The other one will be CML in MT4 that I’m currently waiting for.

Thank you very much.