Resources for Trading Cryptocurrency: Free Crypto Data inside Ninjatrader 8

Hello everyone, I think this will be useful and probably change a lot of traders’ minds on trading Crypto. I think if they can get the data into Ninjatrader they will probably be familiar with that interface and style of trading and adopt the new instruments. So if you didnt already know, I propose to use Ninjatrader 8 with Bitmex.

The setup is like anything else: you already know how to add an indicator from a zip file and you know how to add a broker from account connections.

Now you can get all the data you need for 1 minute or daily charts for all the instruments they support inside their instrument manager. They dont support funding accounts from USA, but if you have another residence outside it, youre golden I think. Otherwise, dont use them to trade, Just get their DATA!!

Good day