S&P Medium term forecast

If the 80 day trough is in, this is my take on the 80 day cycle interaction pattern. Thoughts welcome and encouraged


Hey Greg thats the interactions. The next 20 day interaction is likely the 80 trough. But it could flash down so, Im averaging as best I can for this next 40 day cycle

Looks good Greg, all eyes on the indices this week to determine if the 80 day is in.

The divergence has reappeared on the McO in the NYA. Today, the McO is positive turning the Summation up. The probability of the 10 wk low having occurred already is more likely than not. This 10 wk cycle is getting long and equities are 35 weeks from the last 40 week low. There really isn’t much time to extend this 10 week and have another one before the 40 week low–in my opinion.

I would like to see a couple of more positive days on the McO and price to test last weeks highs. The 10 wk cycle low has already exceeded downside projections. IF this occurs, I will look to initiate a short position with the target of the June lows. The indicies are mixed, some above, tested, and below June lows.