Sentient Trader Composite Line

Hi all,

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Irwan and I am just beginning using Sentient Trader (I run Sentient Trader now in trial mode).

I am interested to browse the Composite line (in the future) since that is the sum of all cycles, I think this CL is more important than a certain cycle line (e.g 40 day cycle line).

However I have problem with browsing the CL in the future. Browsing this line in the future (say 2 - 3 years further) requires much sliding, unzoom and zoom the chart as well the price line. When the chart presented on the screen displays the information from 1950 to present (november 2020) and i want to display the info from say July 2020 to december 2024 it requires me more than 10 minutes to slide, unzoom, zoom the chart, reset the zoom, etc. Also sometimes we have to adjust the price axis so that all (future) prices on screen will feat on screen.

It would be much easier if Sentient Trader would present two fields to enter: “Date from” and “Date to” where the user can input, Sentient Trader should then display a chart with this date range and should also adjust the price axis to the (future) prices.

That would safe us at least 10 minutes per stock we wish to see the CL in the future.

Besides that the presentation of the composite line is not easy to locate tops and bottoms in the future. It would be much easier if Sentient Trader would add a zig-zag line between the (future) tops and bottoms.

Besides that I would apppreciate if Sentient Trader would give analysis text about the composite line (comparable with what Sentient Trader now give as the synopsis analysis text for 40 days cycle). Why only give analysis text about 40 day cycle when composite line is much more important?)

I do not know how we can submit suggestions for product improvements to Sentient Trader. Any one know what is the procedure?

I would like to submit the following suggestions:

  1. Present two fields to enter (“Date from” and “Date to”) for the chart to display on the screen (adjust the price axis such that the future prices will feat on screen).
  2. Present the composite line in such a way that is easy to locate tops and bottoms in the future (add a zig zag line to/from the top/bottom)
  3. Present an analysis text about the composite line (when it will top and bottom in the next 2 - 3 years).

Any feedback to my post is welcome, Thank you.

:clap: well done … i like using it to see shifts in shirt term power in an unexpected direction, assuming the analyis is correct.

Hi Derek,

Thanks, would you benefit if my suggestions will be realized? If so please indicate it and support my suggestions so that the chance is bigger that it would be realized by Sentient Trader.

Thank you.