Short Term Market Thoughts

Hi, all. New here, but not new to Hurst. In fact I was involved in the original beta testing of Sentient Trader years ago, but got involved with other methodologies and interests. I recently fired up the software again and curious to see how the software saw various commodities that I follow as well as the overall markets. I tend to follow the Russell 2000 more than the SPX or DJI and it looks like we’re entering an H category trade here, with a likely 80 day cycle trough at the end of the month (2/26-3/3). The chart looks a lot cleaner than SPX.

Corn. Looks like a short term D short interaction, with likely E around the first week of March. Very bullish chart.

Coffee. Looks like the real buying opportunity will be in mid-March.

Looks like we made the 80 day today. Need confirmation on Monday.

Sorry - was referring to equities. Not used to this forum format