The book profit Magic of stock transaction Timing

i want t o know the basics by heart, and when i read in page 37 where it says …Of the ten cyclic samples availables, ignore the obvous variants- and average the remaining seven durations.
I want to know which ones of the seven he took? and how he arrive to 21.428 weeks? how he did it? i am little pass age, and i like to have the understanding of this little math quiz, to further understand the software, but first i will ike if some one reasoning with me in this subjet please, and thank you

Hurst uses a very simple mathematical “trick” to calculate the average of one particular cycle.

He just ask you to forgot for the calculation the maximum and minimum results (if obviously too far from the theoretical duration)

Actually, Hurst dismissed the obvious variant cycle B-C, C-D and E-F he mentioned, and instead said you should have the remain seven cyclic component duration present which are A-D, D-E, E-G, G-H H-I ,I-J and J-K.

The average of of that is what resulted in 21.428 Weeks.



thank you very much, that is what i needed to know, excelent,sorry i am a little pushing on details, but i had seen, and done, many differents theorys,

hi, i was reading again and i how we get to 2.572, weeks, i know we took the seven examples
we have the same thing in page 45, it says 18.75, quere is that comfrom? i got the 5.71. and 3.28, for now is that,
i seems i understand some …