The one who caused all the trouble

Hello everyone! Welcome to our brand new forum …

I’m the guy who started all this, so I thought it would be fitting to lead by example and introduce myself.

I’m a South African who now lives in Italy, a filmmaker originally (although they say making films is a bit like riding bicycles … once you’ve made a film you are forever a film maker. I do still actively develop projects and so I guess I am still a filmmaker …)

I started trading financial markets in the early 90’s and really struggled to find any consistency … until I discovered Hurst.

At that time there was no software, so I spent hours and hours doing manual analyses. Then I set about creating my own software … thus was born Sentient Trader.

I now trade mostly forex, with some index futures … and I still trade South African shares.

The best part of this journey for me has been all the fantastic people I have met along the way … I am looking forward to getting to know you all better in this forum

Hi David, many thanks for the invite to the forum. I look forward to sharing and recieving many pieces of wisdom on this fascinating subject we all love.

Thank you @David_F, and welcome!

Hi David, thanks for creating the forum, it should be a great help!1

Thanks for creating this forum David, great idea. I’m traveling on business for the next 10 days, currently in Singapore then Australia so will post a proper introduction on my return. I’m an experienced trader and using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci projections as well as a price an volume based day trading method. Came across Sentient Trader while researching Hursts work in a quest to add timing tools to my analysis and am still getting up to full speed using the application.

Both Fibonacci and Elliott Wave work well with Hurst. I’ve had traders send me screenshots of FLD targets lining up with fib targets … and the market hits the target and reverses. I’m going to encourage them to post those screenshots here … :slight_smile:

David, that is exactly how I have added the Hurst work using Sentient to my existing charts. I am also finding that the Hurst cycle analysis assists greatly in eliminating some of the possible EW counts thus it becomes easier to deter mine the most probable count. I will start posting my charts here once I return from my current travels but since adding in the Hurst Cycle work they have been pleasingly accurate which considering I’m an inexperienced Sentient user is promising.

Hi David, Thank you for hosting this forum, and your efforts and work on Hurst Cycles.

I found it very interesting that you are a film maker, yet you know how to develop software. (Or do you outsource the software development?)

If you do it yourself, how did you learn?

How did you get into trading and why do you trade, (i.e. instead of living off the millions in profits from your films, lol)?

Thanks again

Hi @balltrader, welcome to the world of Hurst!
The software I did myself originally, but I outsource a good deal of it now, and pay others to fix my mistakes. To be honest (don’t tell anyone this) I am self-taught. I never did any of those fancy courses … in fact I studied architecture at university, not computers. I learnt to code from a very young age on ZX-80 Sinclair computers and those other ancient machines, and it was a hobby of mine that I found very useful when I started trading. And that is a very long story … I wrote about it years ago on the original Hurst Trader blog here: and here:
I hope that you find Hurst cycles bring in the millions! They certainly bring in more than a career in film …


OMG, the sinclair ZX-80 !

I recall a friend in grade school ~ 1983 had one of those, and at the time I thought, what a piece of !@#$ this is stupid. Then my Dad brought home a XT8080 from IBM for his work homework with spreadsheets, and i slowly became hooked.

I too am self-taught, as I can’t seem to sit still long enough for someone to teach me theory, unless I am really driven to learn it. At times I feel really dumb, as it may take multiple times for me to learn a concept, and I often think, “Why don’t I just hire someone to do this for me”, but I really want to deeply understand what I am doing, I must assume that will make me appear smarter.

Thanks for the links, I will read them this weekend. I like history and the lessons that can be learned from it.

Ciao David da quello che ho capito parli italiano se puoi possiamo parlare tramite Skype brunofreitas23021983