The passing of a Hurst legend

It is with great sadness that I must announce that John Oestreich passed away on 26 October 2017. John had been fighting cancer for many months and suffered a relapse in September which he was not able to recover from.

John was known by the name “SilentOne”, the name he published under when posting analysis to forums and blogs, which he did for many years. He was one of the foremost proponents of Hurst cycles, and was always so generous with his time, knowledge and experience. He provided me with immeasurable support and encouragement in the development of Sentient Trader, and became a close personal friend.

In the last months of his life we were in regular contact discussing ideas for new educational courses which we were planning together. John’s wife let me know earlier today of his passing, and I thought I should let the community know. There are many of you I am sure who have benefited from his generosity of spirit and will be sad to hear this news.


Very sad to hear this. John was one of the people I learned from when getting into Hurst Cycles. Polite and objective, his intimate knowledge of the subject was evident from the analysis he presented.

I will raise a glass to ‘SilentOne’ this evening. Rest in peace John, a sad day for Hurst lovers around the world.

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Rest in peace John.
Actually we were neighbors, I would say. Never met him, but had a couple of phone conversations and e-mail correspondents. Always polite, knowledgeable and a very nice person.
My deepest condolences to his wife and the family.

This post hit me like a ton of bricks.His work got me interested in Hurst analysis that has benefited me greatly.Extremely generous person towards others with his work and time. I can not believe how sad i feel for the passing of someone i have never met.Thank you John, rest in peace.

Friends and Family of Mr Oestreich,
If there was one person that would talk or help anyone, it was John. Thank you for giving him the time to share his knowledge with us.
Derek Frazier

Condolences to the family and friends who knew John.
Forever grateful to have read and listened to his analysis, particularly on the metals, sadly no more.
Rest in peace.

This is very sad news. His presence here was a always a source of enlightenment and his absence leaves us diminished. Heartfelt condolences to his family and close friends.

Rest in peace John !

"Silent One " was active when I discovered Hurst in 2006 on the thread animated by Airedale88 also passed some years ago.

It is really a sad new for the Hurst following commodity…

What an incredible loss. Over the years we had developed a great relationship exchanging ideas and charts involving Hurst analysis. His contributions will be greatly missed.

John was a personal friend of mine and part of a small circle of trader friends in the Toronto area. He and I shared a passion for cycles analysis.
I spoke to him in the end. I will miss him immensely.
Bob H

So sad to hear of John’s passing. He’ll certainly be missed. His cycles work was very helpful to many, including myself.
May he rest in peace.

Shocked and saddened by this. What a nice man and extremely talented cycles analyst. We exchanged emails on a few occasions and John always had time to give a pointer or an encouraging word. He will be greatly missed on this forum. May he rest peacefully.