Thoughts on the current 3,5 year cycle

Dear Sir, Thanks for showing all your great data and charts. I have been using a 57 day cycle top. It is to be 57 th day this weekend, so therefore I would expect MOnday to be the beginning of the down turn.


Hi Mark. Is that 57 trading days or calendar days?

57CDs would be close to 2x4week cycle, and an oscillation that often is present.
57TDs would be close to 3x4week cycles, and also may be present.

However the three cycles that I focus on here are about
116 CDs (market oscillation often a bit shorter at 4x4week cycles)
91 CDs (one yearly quarter)
71 CDs (10 week cycle)

Cheers - Jan :slight_smile:

here is for Norway. The 10 week cycle is a bit more dominant than in the SPX