Three of my latest articles involving Hurst cycles (Long Term Phasing)

US Equities

US Dollar


Please submit your thoughts and criticism (if any)
I’d like to get a good thing going here again!


I started a business 19 years ago, based on EW, after 3 years l realized l would never be able to follow Prechter again.
He sent me 25 books to distribute, and would be sending people towards EW, and when l started to do that, l received a check for $100 from him, and it bounced. Too many people lost fortunes over his analysis. If a check can bounce for $100, what does that tell you?

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Hi angelakear,
I don’t use Elliott wave much myself especially if it contradicts my cycle work. Prechter got me into waves and cycles so for that I owe him gratitude. I understand he has been married to his bearish opinion. I only hope he lives to see it sell off!

Thanks for your input

I only do ICT now, its the only thing in 19 years that finally worked for me.
I did Michael’s 1 year course, and that’s good for for me.
Another thing that helped with the psychological part was Mark Douglas’s book
Trading in the Zone

“US Dollar falling against the Egyptian pound” Certainly! I for once fully expect one pound of Egyptian pounds for 1 US dollar. Dream on.