Trading the asx 200

hi guys, i am new to hurst [and trading in general]. have really enjoyed my first month.
just wondering if anyone trades the asx 200? and whether you may have any ideas as to where in the bigger cycles that particular market is. [its just that i live in OZ so i’m trying to follow it as it seems familiar]
cheers Tyson

Hi Tyson,
I will update my analysis of the Toronto $TSX in a separate thread. The $TSX is similar to the asx200 in its commodity weighting. What data do you use and do you have a symbol for yahoo finance?


Hey John,
thanks heaps for the info on the $TSX. Its really great. i am about to watch the 25 jan trading room seminar now.
i use NAB data at the moment [its a stock market trading data service in Australia], its not very good and i am going to give yahoo a go on your suggestion- i don’t have a symbol for yahoo finance. i remember David talking about it in one of his trading lessons so i will look it up now.

The last graph on your $TSX post is really interesting. Their defiantly seems to be a correlation between it and the ASX 200 [with the ASX possibly lagging a few months behind.]

Thanks for your reply, [my shortcomings will, in time, improve].
thanks again
cheers Tyson

Hey John,
watched Hurst Trading Room 25 January 2016. what was spoken about made a lot of sense and especially pairing it with the info you included on your latest post [$TSX]. some of the stuff is a bit over my head but i’m getting there.
when you asked me if i have a symbol for yahoo finance what actually is one?
cheers Tyson

Hey Tyson,

I use yahoo finance as a source for much of my free data.
The symbol for the $TSX is ^GSPTSE. This gives me data back to 1979.^GSPTSE%2C+&ql=1


Hey John
thanks very much,
really appreciate all the information,

Envelopes Parameters for those of you from “downunder” !

Envelopes in 1 Day / 1 Mn

Envelopes Parameters : 31.25, 15.625, 7.8125

Envelopes in 5 Days / 5 Mn

Envelopes Parameters : 31.25, 15.625, 7.8125

Envelopes 1 Months / 20 Days

Envelopes Parameters : 62.5, 31.25, 15.625

Envelopes 3 Months / 60 Days

Envelopes Parameters : 125, 62.5, 31.25

Envelopes 6 Months / 120 Days

Envelopes Parameters : 250, 125, 62.5

Envelopes 1 Year / in Days

Envelopes Parameters : 500, 250, 125

Envelopes 5 Years / 260 Weeks

Envelopes Parameters : 1000, 500, 250

Hey Allan,
thanks heaps for putting that information up. It is very helpful. My original prediction of the ASX200 was very wrong so i the help that you and John have given me has been very helpful. Looks like the good times ahead will continue for a bit longer!:slight_smile:
thanks again
cheers Tyson