Trying to setup ST for intraday

I try to set up a chart for the intraday analysis.
Every time it pops up the error-message “Unable to connect to MT4 DDE server for live data”

I activated the setting “DDE-server activation” in the mt4 settings as David sad in his video.
And in ST I also found the right ‘Data directories’.

Have anybody an idea how to set up the live data ?

Thanks in advance!!

Best Karl

Here are some things to check:

  • MT4 is running and the DDE server option is selected (sounds like you are doing this)
  • Does the instrument name match the actual data? Some brokers have prefixes or suffixes on the data, which are not available through DDE. For instance is your data EURUSD, or is it something like this: EURUSD.ask or EURUSD.C
  • There are many ways of testing the DDE server, such as receiving the data into Excel. MT4 help files will describe this, and you could Google for ways of testing. Confirm that the DDE server is actually working, and what the symbol is that needs to be requested. With that information you will be able to get ST to connect, or ask our support team to help you with it.

Thanks David!
i will try this :slight_smile:

Dear David, I think I solved the problem, will see tomorrow, when the data feed comes in … thanks for your help

how can I enable the cycle comments like them in your video:

… Problem solved :slight_smile:

Hi All, i am trying to retrieve live data from Ninja trader, but gives me an error that I need to define the menu》AT folder, I have search it all over the place but I can not find it. I have an account with FXCM demo with Ninja trader for having the intraday data. There is someone that can regarding this issue? Thank you very much in advance .

For the AT problem with Ninja Trader that Liviu mentions, here is the answer for anyone else searching this later. In the Ninja Trader Tools menu, select Options, then select Automated Trading Interface, then under General, check the box for AT Interface. Click OK. that should enable the live data that the Sentient Trader indicators you installed on the Ninja Trader chart to be received and plotted by Sentient Trader.