USD Index and others

It is only correction. Not major turning impulse. Still bullish.

Goh, If you are right about the US dollar rallying like this then we are in for major currency weakness
on the rest of them. The low isn’t due though according to Sentient Traders low.

We have the potential to visit 9880-9900 on DXY before a strong up move begins again. The other currencies such as GBP, EUR and AUD look cheap already. A dollar rally will push the other lower still don’t you think?

Thank you Goh, l appreciate your update on China news and Eur/USD

Great results goh,
What technique you used to achieve this result ? can you explain your strategy ?

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Is 1.06218 your downside target for the Eur/Usd before going long?

Hi there,
Thank you for your answer. Can you explain on the chart ?

I am fulltime Forex trader for more then 8 years exp. but I am new to cycle trading so I came here.

This is my EUR/USD view for example now >

Hello gosh,
My target is based on channel which is showing that demand is in control. I always go in sync with trend. I simply placed 1day and 2 days cycle from the swing low at 1.0600.

Is there any explanation about the technique you use? What is FLD? Is there any video material?
I am thinking to try MT4 version but need more explanation on technique and successful statement to prove success.

I have success trading with trends only without trying to counter. Watch on this way, Let’s say, EUR/USD is near- short-term upward trend. It’s much better to try to buy on dips with proper technical analysis + market sentiment, rather than trying to counter trend. One of Hurst’s points is also that we should trade in sync with underlying trend. Anyway, I am always opened to new ideas.

This is 5 days and 2 days cycle >
Tomorrow we should see end of 2 and 5 days cycle. Buy would be only if the price go above supply trendline…

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Working like a charm :slight_smile:

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We reached the 9880-9900 target l mentioned last week for potential. Taken a small long here but l don’t think the overall longer term low is in yet. It would not surprise me if we went to 9600 by mid to end of April.

I like the look of that 96.85 but may enter earlier at your number, and as for the time frame
l agree with a low towards end of April. Thanks for the clarification Goh,

So you are very bullish on US dollar , even with all the uncertainty with Trump as president and what he will do next.

That would be nice if Eur/USD dumped that far.

Plus Frexit, Grexit and Spaexit

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Goh, what are your views on AUD/USD and USD/CAD

Thank you for the warning Goh

I closed yesterday before the dump, l’ll re-buy at 12270-310ish, for a target of 12700

I agree, l don’t mind taking a new short at 12520, on Gbp/usd and covering at 12310-30, then going long on aggregate at 12270 with a view to adding near 118-119. I am already short Eur/USD at 10858.

I’m looking for a new short on Eur/GBP neat 8740 and 8840, as l took a short last night and closed this morning for 90pts. The strength of Aud/Usd is too scary to choose a side one way or the other.