Using Hurst tools for MT4 in the US (Non-Forex vehicles)

Hello all,

I’m hoping that some of the more experienced investors here can point me in the right direction.

I have been using and enjoying the Hurst tools for MT4 software with various MT4 brokers but have recently run into a snag.

Either my info is wrong or I need to dig deeper but I can’t seem to find an MT4 provider that services Commodities and Indices to US-based individuals. Forex pairs is no problem but I have found it very difficult to find MT4 access for Oil, Gold, Natural Gas and SP500.

Does anyone know of a solution to this issue? Maybe it’s as plain as the nose on my face but I keep running in to Forex-only brokers for US based people.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Greg,

I have the same issue and have spent quite some time researching but to no avail. I did find some software that would take a feed from Interactive Brokers and did get it to work for a while. I am primarily interested in trading SPY options short term, and somewhere along the way I found a broker that had S$P500 data but it wasnt very reliable.

at the moment, I am in touch with a software programmer with the idea that he would take a real time feed from DTN into MT4 for me. will update this when I can.

The Dtn feed can also be used in Sentient Trader.


you can trade these items on almost every mt4 account. Just go to for instance Alpari or Admiral or…pick one. When installed, go to the Market Watch button (i think it is the third button on the topmenu) and click with the right mousebutton. Choose Show All…and all you mentioned will appear.

thanks for your help. I logged into FXCM again and the S& P is shown ok, but not SPY. can you suggest one that would offer SPY data?



Hi Greg

You could try AMP Futures in the US.



Thanks a lot. It looks like AMP is what I was looking for. Don: you may want to check it out too.

Follow-up: Does anyone know if Sentient Trader will import Metatrader 5 data (it looks like 4 is the only option)

Thanks again

MT4 only for now. Note that with demo accounts the issue of your residence is moot as you can claim to reside in any region.