Who moved my FLD?

Hello everyone. One of the most frequent questions we have received from users of the Hurst Cycles for MT4 indicators is “why did the FLD move?” And second to that “why does the FLD target crossing point look like it’s not in the right place?

In this video I explain the answer to both of these questions:

I hope you find it useful!


Hi David.

As usual, an excellent demonstration and explanation of some of the nuances of the software. I believe a useful trade metric would be the percentage of trades that ultimately reach their targets after the price action moved a certain percentage (i.e. 50%) favorably towards the target. An analysis of all the trades would provide one with important information in order to select the appropriate trading cycle based on one’s risk criteria (i.e. length of trade, drawdown, etc.)


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Hi William

Thank you for your comments. Yes indeed it would be very useful to track the number of trades that reach their targets. Because of the very dynamic nature of the analysis this has proved to be a very complex thing to do, but I do keep working on it! We are looking into improving the backtesting capabilities of the MT4 indicators, so hopefully some interesting results will come from that.

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FYI one of my intraday price waves on the ES was 6 for 6 today on reaching the FLD target once 50% favorable advance occurred! I need to write a strategy for back testing this over several dozen trades. I wish every day was like today.


Sounds good William! There are some days that are perfect cycle days …

I know some traders wait for that 50% point and only enter then, catching the last 50% of the move. It means effectively they are only getting 25% of the full move … but if you’re consistently making a profit, why worry about the 75% that you missed?

Hi William and David it seems to be very close of the Edge Band / Mid Band Transaction Timing strategy described by Hurst in Chapter 4 of Profit Magic.