WTI Oil analysis - looking for advise


I am Tomm and I am relatively new in the field “Hurst-Cycles”. I am looking for your advice regarding my analysis of WTI Oil.

Unfortunately, I still have some difficulties in realizing the interactions with the FLD. Also, the intervals of the interactions sometimes seem to vary a lot. There are so many great professionals here, maybe someone could look at my analysis and comment on it? Besides, I have one more question. Is there a way to determine the approximate target of an H-interaction?

Thank you for any comment, I would be very grateful for that!

Hi Tomm, looks good. I think H should be thought of as a measured move of the previous most prominent swing down on the 4hr chart, perhaps. Or less. The break of a larger vtl like 20 day vtl is enough to think an A has happened. So be careful. You have to alsonlearn what a mid band transaction is in the hurst course.

On your chart, the 20 day vtl is a good reason to take a pullback long on a selling climax, for a spring up. Thats what Ill be waiting for.

Have a good one. Dont hesitate to email, derekwfrazier@gmail.com

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When the 20 day cycle is squashed by the 40 day or 80 day amplitude use the FLD interactions on a degree higher - ie 40 day FLD interactions in the 20 week cycle. See below…

Note: the D category interaction in the 20 week trading cycle (40 day FLD in blue) may well be the H. This is of course dependant on the larger phasing and the placement of the previous 20 week nominal low.

I post loads of other charts and thoughts on twitter @tradinghurst, come and say hello mate.

Personally, I am unsure of your trading methodology in terms of FLD interactions but here is my Long-Term Phasing anyway.

The highlighted zone is the SCC. It changed from the Financial Wave Theory paper.

Kind Regards,
Ahmed Farghaly

Oil is in weekly time frame downtrend, and should continue lower until proven otherwise (close above 52.5 would do it)

Daily is against resistance and forming a top.

Weekly Oil model has not changed much and stable. Nominal 80 weeks cycle low
Should bonce with SP but better check back mid summer for meaningful move

Update to Oil weekly model last time was published 8 month ago and still behaving reasonably well.