You gotta love that BLACK gold --- Crude analysis

I once hypothesized that all markets should be repeating the same time in history(rather than each having its own similar cyclical circumstance time period) ofcourse the principle of commonality would strongly support such a thing and I have found that the portion of history that is repeating in terms of different markets are usually very similar with a few months to a couple of years difference. I believed that the fundamental driver of cycles are mood hence all markets should reflect the mood that we fluctuate in as a species and we all should be repeating the same part of history in terms of the time period that is likely to be most similar to the future. I realized that there is a strong tendency for commonality to exist but it is not a fundamental requirement, the more commonality that exists between the time periods we hypothesize is repeating the more confidence one should have in his/her analysis

Ahmed AKA Fringy

One of this days. It is interesting when and at what price?


Is the bottom end of the green box the tail end of your price target? Please explain your charts in greater detail. I am interested

Hurst. FLD crossing generates targets.